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Bariatric Surgery - Weight Loss Surgery

When it comes to being over weight, many people in the country will try every thing they can in order to loose that weight. It seems that almost every day a new fad diet comes out or even a new program. But no matter how hard we try, sometimes loosing that weight is next to impossible. This weight as we all know can cause some serious health related issues for us not just right now but latter on in life as well. When all else seems to fail, we get more frustrated thinking that loosing our excessive pounds may not be possible and that we will be stuck this way for every. As a last result, when there is no where else to turn, we can now look to modern science to help us loose that extra weight; but at a price.

Its important to remember that more people everyday turn to some form of bariatric surgery to help them shed those unwanted pounds. In return there are two things that we get. For starters, as long as we are completely committed to the program we can loose the weight and keep it off. But being committed to the program will mean that our entire life will have to change. This includes some of our favorite food; we will no longer be able to eat them. There will also be the need for a lot of exercise.

When talking about bariatric or weight loss surgery, there are several options that one can choose from. You can opt for the least invasive procedure, the Lap Band surgery. In this Lap-Band procedure, the surgeon will place you under general anesthesia before making a small incision. From there the surgeon will then place a deflectable saline filled band around the stomach as a means to control the rate at which the body digests the food. This is a completely adjustable system in which the surgeon can later tighten or loosen the band with a simple syringe. The Lap-Band procedure has been popular in Europe for a long time and has only just recently been FDA approved for use in the U.S. but unfortunately it does have some drawbacks which may not be to your liking, especially the low success rate.

You could opt to go all the way with a gastric bypass procedure. While being the most complex weight loss procedure, the gastric bypass also has the highest success rate but also comes with heightened risks associated with it. In the gastric bypass procedure, the surgeon will create a pocket in your stomach about the size of a large egg. He or she will then cut your intestines and then splice then together to make a “Y” shape before connecting the remaining exposed end to this new pouch. There is no adjustment to this procedure and eating more than 1 cup of food in any given time period can result in some serious pain. Also if you consume any sugar it is possible to get the dreaded dumping syndrome.

Of course then you will have the aftermath of a weight loss procedure which is a bunch of loose flabby skin throughout most of your body. There is no need to worry about the unsightliness of having your stomach overlap your belt line be a foot as you can undergo a body lift procedure. The surgeon will make a series of incisions around the affected areas before pulling the skin tight and stitching the incisions closed. After which the surgeon will cut off the excess skin. This body lift can be just in one area like a lower body lift or it is even possible to have a full body lift which is actually multiple procedures completed at the same time.

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