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Thigh Lift Scars

A thigh lift operation is performed when the thighs go out of shape due to age or sudden weight changes. The skin may sag or become dimpled or wrinkled. A plastic surgeon will be able to rectify the problem and reshape the thighs and make them look better.

The main thing is to make one mentally and physically fit for the operation. Once that is done, the person can research and find out the best possible surgeon for the job whose experience and case studies reflect his expertise. It is necessary to have full confidence in the operating surgeon.
After the initial check ups, the doctor will discuss the method of surgery and suggest a date. He will inform in detail what he would be doing, its cost, its risks and the mode of the operation.

On the day of the operation also the surgeon will give the patient a check up. A thigh lift operation takes two to six hours and can be done under full or local anesthesia. It can even be done on an outpatient basis when the patient will be in the hospital for a few hours and then be discharged.

The actual operation consists of making an incision near the groin and lifting the flap of the skin, tightening the muscles and removing excess skin and fat. Liposuction may be used to drain off the fat. Once the surgeon is satisfied, the operation site is sutured. The patient is then bandaged and a tube may be left in the wound to drain off the excess liquid. The patient is advised to take rest for two days but start walking as soon as possible. He should not bend or squat or climb stairs for forty-eight hours. The patient can expect some redness, swelling, pain and discomfort which will be controlled with medicines and will soon go away.

As in any operation, a scar of the wound will be there. An expert surgeon will make the incision at a place, which is not easily visible. Hence the thigh lift scars will be invisible even if it is there. It can be covered with clothing. The scar should not be exposed to direct sunlight for at least a couple of months. Especially, if there is any redness. The scar will begin fading and though total disappearance of the scar may not be there it will become very faint and almost invisible. 

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