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Teen Breast Implants

Breast implants are quite a common form of plastic surgery, especially in the US where 329,000 breast implants were done in 2006. Puberty development in a girl causes the breasts to grow along with pubic hair, waist development and menstruation. However the size of the breasts depends upon the age, heredity, fat in the body, the environment and the food eaten.

It has been seen that most women are not happy with the size and shapes of their breasts and would like to improve upon them through various means. Doctors, beauticians and even quacks have prescribed pills and medicines, lotions and potions and suggested exercises to improve the size and the contour of the breasts. In some cases these methods may work and there are times when none of the above makes any difference to the size of the breasts.

Breast implants dramatically improve the size and shape and are easy and quick. A visit to a plastic surgeon on an outpatient basis can change the contour of the breasts immediately. Most teenage girls are very conscious of their breasts and would like to increase their size. They see breast size as a criteria for attractiveness or sexiness. They feel that the opposite sex gets attracted to girls with a larger bust line.  Normally young girls hailing form well to do families go in for breast correction surgeries. Also girls with low self esteem or low self confidence fall a prey to these procedures.

However doctors and plastic surgeons are forbidden by law to do breast enhancement or breast implant surgeries on patients who are below eighteen years. Hence only eighteen or nineteen year olds and above can go in for such surgeries depeding on local laws. As in any surgery, the patient should be in good health, good mood and mental condition before the surgery is done. Then the results will be better. Teen breast implants should be done only after a thorough check-up with a professional who would be able to give the correct advise on the risks and other factors to educate the person who then would be able to make an educated decision as to whether she should proceed or not.

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