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Stomach Stapling Cost

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There are many factors involved with stomach stapling cost. These factors can include things like the locality in which the surgery is performed. By remembering that the more competition there is, the lower that the costs will be you can help to lower the costs of the surgery by choosing a location that has more competition. Furthermore the costs associated with a stomach stapling procedure can change based on the surgeon’s personal experience and even the costs of living for the nurses and other persons who may be present in the operating room at the time of the surgery. These costs of living can not only include the costs of paying the wages for those present in the operating room but also the costs associated with the use of the operating room which is often based by the costs of operating the operating room in that particular location. Therefore the costs are also based on the cost of rent and property taxes where the place that the surgery will be performed is located at.

The price for the anesthesiologist will also play an important role in the overall costs associated with the stomach stapling surgery.

In general to get the best possible results which means to have the stomach stapling procedure done in the best locations and by the most experienced bariatric team you can expect to pay upwards of $60,000 which may be more than double the cost of a Lap-Band procedure. The main reason for this also has a lot to do with the fact that a Lap Band is a minimally invasive procedure while the stomach stapling is a major elective surgery. It is also a lot more worth while than a simple gastric band as it has a higher success rate associated with it versus a banding procedure.

Regardless of all of the costs, in many cases you will be able to either get your insurance company to pay although it may take several years or you will be able to get some type of financing for the procedure. Following the stomach stapling procedure you must also take into account the costs of all the necessary checkups associated with the postoperative medical plan.

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