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Sclerotherapy Side Effects

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There are many possible side effects, risks and dangers associated with undergoing a sclerotherapy treatment that any potential patient must know about and understand prior to making the final decision to undergo the procedure. Of these possible side effects the most commonly reported is that of mild bruising of the treated area. After undergoing a sclerotherapy treatment the physician will wrap the area in a compression wrap and ask that you not stand or sit for long periods of time but rather walk as a means of preventing blood clots. When the patient first gets to remove this compression wrap from the treated area 24 to 48 hours after the sclerotherapy procedure they will most likely notice bruising that can last up to a month before fading away.

There is also the possibility that the treated vein may not disappear. Although sclerotherapy has been well recorded as being able to obliterate most spider and varicose veins that cause an unsightly thigh, ankle or calf region, the procedure cannot guarantee 100% disappearance of the veins. Sometime many patients will have to undergo several treatments before the veins have faded sufficiently.

The sclerotherapy procedure can only repair the varicose and spider veins that are currently visible and cannot prevent new ones from forming. It is not that the new ones will form but rather that they might have been there all along but cannot be repaired if they cannot be seen. The sclerotherapy treatment does not really affect the circulatory system in any way and therefore the serious side effects are very rare. Every attempt to prevent these will be done which includes the compression wraps and the suggestion to keep the blood circulating. Doing all of this helps prevent blood clots from forming which can be a potentially deadly complication should these blood clots form and find their way to the heart or brain.

There may also be a slight chance of severe inflammation and allergic reaction as well to the sclerotherapy treatment. The chances of these serious complications and side effects associated with the sclerotherapy procedure are generally rare and in many cases can be either prevented or avoided. Make sure you consult with a qualified professional and disclose any possible allergies to them to ensure that your chances of a serious side effect are minimized.

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