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The shape, the size and the appearance of a person’s nose are hereditary. It takes after the noses of the parents, grandparents or uncles and aunts of the family. However if there is some difficulty due to the size or shape of the nose, like breathing problems due to structural abnormality, then nose surgery, which is also called rhinoplasty, is the answer.

Rhinoplasty can change the shape and the size of the nose. Those who have broken noses due to accidents or fights, or imperfect nose due to some growth or some disease, nose surgery can be done. Those who have been born with a nose defect can also benefit from rhinoplasty. But care has to be taken to see that the patient is a mature adult whose facial features are fully formed. Hence children or young adults below eighteen years should not go in for such surgery unless it really causes breathing problems or some other medical problem.

Nose surgery or nose job has been done since time immemorial. Kings used to cut off noses as punishment and the victims had to have nose jobs to perfect the broken ones. Rhino stands for nose and plassein means to shape. It is normally a cosmetic surgery performed by an experienced surgeon. Sometimes it is done in combination with other plastic surgery procedures like a chin job or a lip and eyebrow job.

A nose job is a common procedure among TV and film stars whose appearance is very important. They need face sculpting through plastic surgery to improve their features and give them a perfect screen appearance. If the nose is too broad or too narrow, if it is hooked, if it is not symmetrical, or if the nostrils are large, wide or upturned, people go in for a nose job. Some people have bulbous nose tips or they are wide. They too go in for nose surgery. If there are visible bumps or depressions on the nose bridge, many do not like it and choose to have rhinoplasty done to correct it.

The operation consists of making small incisions on the skin between the two nostrils and removing the extra fat or tissue, restructuring the cartilage to make the nose perfect. The incisions are then closed. This is done under local or full anesthesia.  It can be done on an outpatient basis and does not require hospitalization. However it may take at least a week for the plasters and bandages to be removed, after the sutures are removed. And for the full and final nose appearance, it may take as much as six months during which time the patient may have some pain or uneasiness.

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