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Restylane Side Effects

As with all treatments and procedures there will always be the chance of side effects, risks and dangers associated with the treatment in question. The Restylane injection is no different from the other treatments and procedures as it too caries with it the chance of a side effect or two. While in most cases these side effects are very mild and generally subside in a day’s time, 2,000 of over a million Restylane injection patients have reported a serious side effect in association with the Restylane injection.

Restylane was first released to the general public back in 199 and son after in 2003 it became not only the first but the only injectible filler to be approved by the American Food and Drug Administration that was a non animal based filler. All of the competition for Restylane is based from animals with a majority of those being based from rooster combs. Restylane is a hyaluronic acid filler which does not have the chances of allergic reactions as the animal based filler do.

To say that a person’s chances of having an allergic reaction to the Restylane injection is impossible would not be true because even such products as silicone and latex has its fair share of person’s who are allergic to the product. The chances that you may be allergic to the Restylane injection is very slim and almost no a possibility but regardless of this fact there will always be a minute possibility of having an allergic reaction to the Restylane injection.

Out of all of the possible side effects associated with the Restylane injection, the most commonly reported is that of swelling, bruising or both in regards to the injection. These side effects are generally very mild and subside within a day’s time. There is also a higher chance of feeling pain as compared to a collagen injection but for those who have a higher pain threshold this is more or less just a slight discomfort that usually last no more than a day after the injection. There is also the slight possibility of forming a cold sore at the point of injection but the chances of this happening is about as rare as having an allergic reaction to the Restylane injection.

Other commonly reported side effects in association with the Restylane injection can include itching, redness, tenderness as well as discoloration of the skin, all of which generally subside within a day or two of the actual injection. In general most of the side effects that have been reported in association with a Restylane injection are mild and go away within the first 24 hours of the actual injection. These general side effects are also focused at the point of the injection and immediately surrounding the injection point but usually not any further away.

Out of the million or so Restylane patients in 60 countries world wide there has only been 2,000 reported serious side effects associated with the Restylane injection that includes excessive tenderness but these too only last for a week at the maximum.

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