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Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost

Though many men would like to go in for penis enlargement surgery, it is advisable to do so only if there are severe problems like impotence or erectile dysfunction and not for cosmetic purposes. There are many methods and techniques of penis enlargement. 

Silicone injections or implants are procedures, which can be done on any male person who desires it. Silicone is considered safe for human beings. It is smooth and usable in any part of the body. These implants and injections can increase the girth of the penis but not its length. As more than one third of the penis is inside the body and connected by ligaments to the pelvic bone the surgeon has to cut the ligament to increase the length of the penis. These are possible and though men are satisfied with procedures increasing the girth, most are not satisfied with the surgical methods used to increase the length.

There are some implants, which have pumping capacity. These are hand operated and can be used at will. They can create erections and keep them for as long as possible. Surgical procedures are possible to enlarge the penis. They can cost anywhere between $ 3,500 to $ 10,000 and the average cost would come to around $ 6,750. The actual cost would depend on the procedure and the surgery performed. The more elaborate and complicated the surgery more would be the cost.

The cost also depends on the surgeon’s fee. If the surgeon is Board certified with plenty of experience, his charges would be more. Medical tests, medicines, anesthesia charges will also be included in the total fee. As the penis enlargement surgery is done on an outpatient basis, stay in hospital is not necessary and hence hospitalization charges would not be there or they may be minimal. Anesthesia given can be a local one but if the patient prefers it, it could also be total. The procedure normally takes about two to three hours and if the surgeon is not using his own hospital or rooms then hospital room charge will be added in the cost.

There are not many side effects unless the patient has some problems like blood pressure, diabetes and the likes. Some swelling and some uneasiness may be there but on the whole, recovery is pretty fast and the patient can return to his work in a few days though he will have to refrain from sexual activities for at least six weeks.

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