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Over the Counter Chemical Peel

For the longest time, the chemical peel has only been available through a professional in the cosmetic field. Unfortunately not everyone can afford to go to one of these professionals to perform a cosmetic procedure and therefore there have been a lot of outcries from the public sector about being able to access these chemical peels at their local pharmacy or health store. As a result the over the counter chemical peel kit has been made available to the general public. For starters the chemical peel is accomplished through the use of an acid but due to liability reasons these over the counter chemical peel kits feature a diluted version of these acids but this is where the difference ends. The over the counter chemical peel kits have all of the things that the professional would use in a chemical peel treatment just made safer.

Just because the chemicals in the over the counter chemical peel kits are diluted does not meant hat they cannot carry certain side effects with them. It is important that you read and fully understand the directions that come with the over the counter chemical peel kit as over exposure to the acid and other chemicals in the kit can cause a chemical burn. What this means is that do not be intimidated into leaving the mix exposed to the skin for any period of length longer than that which is suggested on the box. Chemical burns are not fun and they can even leave unsightly scars and skin discolorations.

After giving yourself an over the counter chemical peel your skin may be sensitive to the touch and may even be irritated and itchy. It is important not to scratch at the skin as this can cause adverse reactions in association with the over the counter chemical peel kit. It is suggested to try the chemicals first on a patch of skin that is not left exposed for the world to see first to make sure you will not have any adverse reactions to the chemical mixture. You will also likely have red and puffy skin as a result of the exposure to the chemicals but in general if the treatment was done properly these side effects will fade in a couple days time leaving you with a revitalize and youthful looking glow to the treated area of skin.

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