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Outer Thigh Liposuction

Men and women both want outer thigh liposuction. It’s more important that the look of the outer thigh be smooth rather than fat be removed. If more than 60% of the subcutaneous fat is removed from the thigh, then the thigh can look extremely lumpy and disfigured. Also the patient can become very dissatisfied with the results. Remember that liposuction should be carried out as the last resort after diet regimes and exercises have failed to achieve their targets.

The outer thigh in fact should be clubbed together with the hips and the buttocks in order to get a great figure. If there is fat, then it should be removed from the entire portion. In fact with age, the shape of the buttocks and the thighs can change. Also with age, tissue elasticity is lost. For this the surgeon can also recommend a thigh lift to get the wrinkles out of the place.

Full thigh liposuction takes about two hours depending on the skill of the surgeon and his supporting surgery staff. Most liposuction surgeons use only local anesthesia. The patient is awake during the operation and can even give feedback or chat with the surgeon. Some patients can also drive back after the operation. Those who have full thighs and legs liposuction must arrange for a driver after the operation. After the operation, there should be some adult who can stay with you for at least 24 hours after the operation is over.

The procedure is quite simple. The skin is numbed with lidocaine after this suitable punctures known as adits as made by the doctors. This are made with the tip of the cannula that have extremely small diameter. Picture a pasta noodle (half the diameter of the pasta noodle). The cannula is inserted through these adits and the fat is just sucked away. These small cannula and punctures heal on their own and the recovery is very fast.

After the operation, the patients will feel very slight discomfort. They are required to wear a compression garment for 7 days dependent on the patient’s body type and their comfort level. This compression garment resembles cycling shorts. This garment is without a crotch, so that patients can go to the loo without removing the garment. Patients are allowed to shower after the first day. Absorbent pads to control leakage from adits sides are fitted inside the compression garment. The padding needs to be changed every 12 hours till the leakage persists.

The cost for the outer thighs depending on various factors can range from $1600 to $5000. Please ensure that you have an experienced surgeon who has performed many such operations before. Normally cheapest is not always the best.

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