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Platysmaplasty / Neck Lift

Modern medicines and surgery have reduced the time of the operations and made the incisions on a person’s body smaller.  Plastic surgery can improve the physical appearance of people and many go in for such body contouring. The face, neck, hands, legs are all visible parts of the body and many people would like to improve their looks. Age, previous operations, sudden weight changes result in ungainly sagging and loss of muscle toning besides wrinkling of the skin or loosening it.

Necks are highly visible and people like to have delicate smooth and wrinkle free necks. Many patients with subtle jowling and slight banding of the neck do not need a full-scale face or neck lifts.  Especially if their skin elasticity is good. In such cases the operation called endoscopy is performed. It is fairly a new procedure, simple, easy and needs minimal incision; hence the scarring is also minimized. It is the doctor and the patient who decide whether he should go in for a normal neck lift operation or endoscopy.

Endoscopic neck lifts are done with the use of a small camera, which is the size of a pin. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis under a general or twilight anesthesia. Incisions are made below the chin and behind the ear and the skin is gently lifted exposing the underlying fat. Very very tiny tubes are used for the liposuction of the excess fat in the neck. Sewing them tightens the muscles. This makes the patients neck smooth without the ‘turkey waddle look’. Stitches are put in the operating area. Excess skin can be removed through the small incision.

An endoscopic neck lift spares the patient form a bigger incision as the operation can be done with the help of the tiny camera and the surgeon need not lift the muscles to remove the fat. A fine laser beam is used to operate. There is less bruising or pain or swelling allowing the patient to go back to work in a short time. Also the healing time for such a procedure is just five to ten days as against the two to three weeks normally for a full fledged normal neck lift. The medicines, the care and the precautions that are advised for a normal neck lift hold good for this endoscopic neck lift also.

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