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Mesotherapy Side Effects

Just like any other treatment or procedure out there, there will always be certain side effects associated with them and the mesotherapy procedure is no different as there are a few risks and dangers that any potential mesotherapy patient must be aware of. These mesotherapy side effects can include things like pain and discomfort as well as swelling and bruising. Although these particular side effects generally subside within a day or so of treatment it is still possible for them to continue for up to a week In general the compound lecithin is what is attributed as causing the swelling that may or may not be associated with your mesotherapy treatment. A means to counter act the possibility of swelling associated with the mesotherapy procedure many physicians will recommend the inclusion of arnica which is a homeopathic drug whose sole purpose is swelling reduction. It may also be important to refrain from any exercise for the first couple of days after having undergone a mesotherapy treatment as well as wearing loose fitting clothing during this same time period.

It is also completely possible to receive scarring at the injection site for the mesotherapy treatment. Furthermore the injection site can also receive effects on the pigmentation of the skin and even the possibility of an ulcer. Although today the chance of this is slim but there is still the possibility the injection technique may not have been sterilized properly resulting in an infection which can get very serious.

It is very important that you make sure that your mesotherapy physician is board certified to cover the mesotherapy procedure and that he or she also has plenty of experience with the procedure. You may also want to have an allergy test prior to the procedure as there may be a slight chance of an allergic reaction to some of the medicine which will be injected. Make sure you ask as many questions prior to undergoing the procedure to make sure you fully understand the types of complications and risks associated with the mesotherapy treatment so that you are capable of making a well informed decision.

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