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Men Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery generally performed on women who want to increase the size of their breasts and give it a better shape. This is a fairly common cosmetic surgery voluntarily done by women. However there are a few men who also want breast implants for their own reasons. Men with an alternative life style would like to go in for such a procedure. The groups that generally opt for breast augmentation may be transsexuals who have transformed into females from males, female impersonators, gender benders or cross dressers.

Professional cross dressers use breast augmentation as a tool that helps them in their careers.  Example is given of Geoffery Mandowski, a professional cross dresser from New York. His specialization was in appearing like the 1950s Hollywood star Jayne Mansfield. He felt the desperate need to go in for breast augmentation to get under the skin of Jayne and replicate her experiences. Society accepted him and he received a lot of compliments which he felt were due to the breast augmentation procedure. And he was very happy with it.

The surgery is similar for men as it is done for women. Male breast enlargement includes using surgical implants, taking breast enlargement pills and doing breast enlargement exercises. With men, like with women, the effectiveness of these methods depends on individuals. Some claim that that pills work for them, while others say exercises are better. If a man only lifts weights but does not take additional supplements, they will grow muscles but little breasts. The body won't have the essential nutrients to rebuild itself. An important thing is that all these are designed for women and not for men.

Body structures, hormones and secretions for men and women are different. Hence though the process and techniques used for breast augmentation are the same as for women, the result may not be the same. The overall size and shape of the implant may differ. When breasts are contoured it is necessary to wear proper bras. For a male this may be controversial or undesirable but chances of breasts moving around and causing pain are there. They may even bruise. Hence males growing breasts need to wear bras.

Men who want to undergo this procedure may have to clarify their gender with the operating surgeon. Most surgeons may refuse to perform the operation on males and they may have to sign papers before undergoing the operation.

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