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Liposelection Cost

The cost of liposelection depends on how much of excess fat has been removed through this method and from where it is removed. Excess body fat can be removed surgically or by using techniques like liposuction and liposelection. Science and medical techniques are evolving every day, discovering newer, faster and painless methods of body contouring. Liposuction removes excess fat through melting it and sucking it from the body. Liposelection removes excess fat by isolating the excess fat cells through ultrasound techniques and targeting them. They are removed without even touching the other surrounding cells, thus minimizing in pain, trauma and bleeding and making the recovery of the patient faster. This is not a weight loss technique. It is done for body contouring and making it shapelier than before. It is a cosmetic procedure unless it is done on medical grounds for instance if the patient’s weight causes health problems.

There are no miracle drugs that can make a person lighter. Doctors research, and by trials and experimentation come up with newer methods. Ultrasound Assisted Lipoplasty is one of the newest technological advancements to rid stubborn fat from waists, arms, back and other parts of the body. This method has been in use in California for more than a year now. There is no burning sensation or discomfort of any kind in this method. The earlier methods are also used when necessary. Sometimes patients recover so fast that they are on their toes and back in action within a couple of days after this treatment.

The price of the liposelection depends on the area where the hospital in which the procedure is done, the method and the medicines used. Since the hospitalization is not much, that cuts down the costs. Unless the patient finds himself more comfortable and less tensed if he is in the hospital for a longer period of time. Some patients do not want anesthesia and want to be fully aware of what is happening by opting for local anesthesia. The costs depend on these factors as well. As with all other treatments, procedures and operations, costs vary among surgeons and depend upon the specific nature of the treatment, like location of the fat pocket, the number of treatment sites and the extensiveness of the treatment.

On an average an arm liposelection can cost around $1300 and an upper and lower tummy about $ 2700. There are patients who could and would pay more for a more extensive treatment which can last all their lifetime.

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