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Lap Band Complications

Just like any weight loss surgery or for that matter any surgery in general regardless as to how minimally invasive the procedure is there is always risks and complications associated with the procedure. When it comes to the Lap Band surgery there is no difference as there are many risks, dangers and complications associated with the lap band surgery procedure.

For starters any person who planning in undergoing a Lap-Band procedure will have to risk the chance of the gastric band slipping. This band slippage is usually cause by 2 different things. It may slip simply from over eating. If you overeat the stretching of your newly created pouch can pull the lower portion of the stomach up through the band and therefore making the band worthless and unable to do its job. Also if you over eat you can induce vomiting as the body’s natural defense in the case that the stomach is too full. This vomiting can cause the necessary pressure to pull the lower portion of the stomach up through the band resulting in the same problems.

By remembering that the Lap-Band is in fact a foreign object that is placed within your abdominal cavity you will be susceptible to a possible internal infection. These internal infections can be caused simply by the fact that the Lap-Band is a foreign object but may also be caused by contaminated saline solution inside the band itself should the band erode and allow this contaminated fluid into the abdominal cavity.

If you were to overeat which actually does not take a lot since your newly made stomach pouch will be no larger than an egg, then chances are you will start to feel pain. It is important that after you undergo the procedure that you eat and drink slowly. Although the Lap-Band is designed to control the flow of solid food you can also get pains as a result of ingesting too many liquids.

You may also run the chance of a nutrient deficiency which is cause by your limited ability to eat foods. Some of the foods that you may have to give up may also be very beneficial to your daily lifecycle but unfortunately they may also cause dire side effects to the patient. These include almost anything that has stringy fibers like some meats and especially some vegetables like celery.

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