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Labiaplasty Cost

Labiaplasty is a technique of reshaping the labia and other parts of the vagina. Women are now not ashamed of talking about reshaping their labia. They feel comfortable after this and gain self confidence. This vaginal surgery is done for mainly two reasons. One reason is to get rid of the discomfort while having sex and make their sex life better. Another reason is for women who desire to have a cosmetic change and appearance of her vagina.

Labiaplasty increases a women’s self confidence by giving her comfort. Protruding labia causes irritation and may suddenly protrude when wearing a swim suit which might be a cause for embarrassment. This can be avoided by labiaplasty. However the cost of having this procedure is one of the major things to be noted. This varies from one place to another with respect to geographic location. If you opt for a skilled surgeon then the cost differs.
Using latest technology and equipment may vary the cost as well. Another important thing to be noted is that the cost of labiaplasty is not same with every doctor. You can go through the list of doctors and their fee in various websites. The cost include anesthesia and hospital fee. In some places the cost of ranges from $3200 to $3700. Some quotes say that cost may range from $3000 - $ 5000 dollars. Women are ready to spend to get rid of their long and hanging vaginal lips. Women either take this out or reduce the hanging part. There are, many websites that educate women regarding all the factors and expenses.

Price of reducing and completely removing the parts of the labia also makes a difference in their cost factor. As labiaplasty surgery can cost so much that there are websites which give information about some financing and payment plan option. Some organizations have even come forward to make financing available for this treatment because it is not covered by insurance. You may choose one according to your needs and which best suits you. Even after the surgery it is very important to take care and follow the recovery exercises prescribed by the doctors. The rate is inclusive of prescription and other recovery.

Patients are advised to take care of their health for some weeks after this procedure and also not to indulge in sex, exercise or work. To save your money, follow the procedures and advise by doctors as prolonged recovery could also add to your cost. Keep track of the cost of labiaplasty so that you are ready to face the financial burden.

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