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Hymen is a delicate membrane located in the vagina of a woman. The tearing of the hymen through sexual intercourse makes a virgin turn into a woman. In several countries and several races, the virginity of a girl is a very valuable thing. Its loss shames the girl, her family and even her community if it is lost through sexual actions outside a legal marriage. Aspersions are cast on her character and may even result in bloodshed if her relatives feel that someone has illegally assaulted the girl. When the hymen ruptures, a little bleeding takes place and this is the sign of a girl’s virginity. If there is no bleeding the virginity of the girl is in doubt.

Sometimes the hymen ruptures through excessive physical activities like sports or exercises, sometimes unwanted and forced rape results in its rupture. Sometimes accidents like a sharp instrument in the vagina or use of tampons may make a girl’s hymen rupture. Whatever the reason, a girl may want her hymen to be restored so that her partner would consider her a virgin. The restoring of the hymen is known as hymenoplasty. This is a surgical procedure through which the hymen may be recreated or if shreds are remaining, they may be sutured to replace the virginity of the girl.

The surgical restoration of the hymen is called hymenography or hymen reconstruction surgery. Hymenoplasty may be considered illegal in some countries. It is not a very common procedure though some private doctors may do it. The aim of this surgery is to cause bleeding during the wedding night as this is considered proof of the girl’s virginity.

Suturing the tear in the hymen will heal it and make the girl a virgin. This is usually due to a sexual assault or rape. Some surgeons may stitch a gelatin capsule of artificial blood which could ‘rupture’ during the first night and ‘bleed’ giving proof that the bride is a virgin. This procedure should take place a few days before the act as it is short lived. Some doctors may create a flap from the lining, making it look like a hymen. The healing process in this case may be longer. Though this type of surgery does not come under the purview of the gynecological department, a few surgeons may be persuaded to do it. Otherwise the operation done on an outpatient basis is simple and the patient can resume work in a day or two.

The price of hymenoplasty depends on the geographical location, the surgeon and the type of procedure. The cost may range between $2,500 and $ 4,500.

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