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How Long Do Fat Transfer Results Last

Fat transfer, sometimes called Liposculpture, contours and shapes various body parts using one’s very own fat. The procedure involves extracting fat from the part of the body which has excessive fat deposits and injects the fat extracted in body parts that needed enhancement. The most common part injected with fat is the different facial features such as hollow cheeks, thin lips, and a weak chin. There are a lot of people seeking this procedure because it is safe and natural. It is considered safe and natural because it doesn’t cause any complications regarding adverse reactions against the fat injected. Since the fat injected comes from you, your body doesn’t reject it unlike other foreign or artificially made implant materials.

So how long does one fat transfer procedure’s results last? The results of fat transfers depend on the area where the fat is injected. If the area is subjected to constant muscular movement like the lips and the mouth, the fat injected will be absorbed over time. The patient has to undergo several “touch up” fat transfer procedures to maintain the areas’ desired fullness. Otherwise, if the fat is injected in areas where there is minimal muscular movement like in the cheeks and the lower part of the eyes, the results can last up to three years and at least 40% of the injected fat remains then. The patient can undergo another Liposculpture procedure in order to regain the enhancement she or he once had before.

The fat absorption reaction of the body is 100% natural. If one undergoes several fat transfer procedures, the body adapts to its new contour thus making it less susceptible to absorption of fat. According to some doctors, if the fat harvested is processed and injected correctly, the results can vary from long lasting to permanent. The initial fat transfer procedure will no longer need additional “touch up” consecutive fat transfer procedures. Not all surgeons have this kind of expertise. There are only a handful of them who are so experienced in the fat transfer procedure that they have perfected a way to make the initial results permanent.

Sculpting your face and your body will surely make you youthful and sexier. Fat transfer procedure has been taking over the various artificially made cosmetic implants procedures because of its proven safe and effective results. You should take into consideration the additional maintenance costs if you’ll be keeping your new look.

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