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Gynecomastia Cost

The cost of any surgical procedure depends on the doctor, the hospital and consultation charges, operating charges, anesthesia charges, medicine costs, cost of the assistant and surgery gowns and the type of the procedure followed by the doctor. X rays and other tests will also cost money.

In gynecomastia, males have large breasts which they want to reduce and become normal sized. Some may have pendulous breasts, others may have hanging ones, and still others may just have overgrown breasts. It is embarrassing for men to have such large breasts. They feel conscious while undressing, while wearing tight vests or T-shirts, and sometimes they may be visible even through a shirt or a coat.

There are many causes why some men have big breasts. Some of the male breasts are due to hormonal imbalance during the adolescent period, or during puberty. In which case, they may go away once the full growth of the boy is reached. In some cases it is due to medicines and will go away when the medicine is changed or stopped. In some cases, nothing seems to work therefore the patient would like to go in for surgical removal of the fatty tissues in the breasts.

The surgeon chosen should be board certified and should be someone who has plenty of experience and many success stories. His fee would be something like $ 3,550. In fact it may range from $ 2,500 to $ 4000. If he removes the excess fat through liposuction, the charges may be different if the fat is removed surgically. In the latter case the incision may be larger and the sutures used may be more than if liposuction is done. The hospital may charge around $ 1500. It generally is around $ 900 to $ 1500. It also depends on the location, the facilities offered and the ambience of the place.  If the surgeon uses his own hospital, these charges may not be there or they may be minimal. Then there are the anesthesia charges, which may be around $ 1000. This also depends on the anesthesia used. Some patients prefer general anesthesia but a few brave ones may accept local anesthesia in which they can see the operation and be fully conscious during the procedure.

The patient would also need post operative and pre operative medicines, which are chargeable. They also need certain investigative tests for which the pathologist will charge. The patient has to change into the hospital clothes and they may charge a garment fee. On an average the full gynecosmastia operation may cost between $ 3500 and $ 6000.

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