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Duodenal Switch Diet

Just like almost any other weight loss surgery there is a general progression in which every duodenal switch patient must go through in their diet. The major differences though are that the duodenal switch patient will eventually have a much broader range of foods to choose from. The good news is that you will be able to eat fat after having a duodenal switch surgery as well as you will be able to eat foods with sugar as there is not a possibility of the dreaded dumping syndrome that is associated with other weight loss procedures.

After the procedure has been completed your stomach will be 85% smaller but this is also a lot more than the other weight loss surgeries. This leads to a restrictiveness in what you can eat but because the stomach is left fully functional this restrictiveness is only temporary. Eventually any duodenal switch patient will be able to tolerate normal sized meals without a problem. Soon after the surgery is completed though you will have to eat only in small amounts as well as watch your vitamin and nutrient intake closely.

Your surgeon will be able to suggest and prescribe you various vitamin and nutrient supplements as a means to counter the nutrition deficiency caused by the malabsorption part of the duodenal switch procedure. It is also important to stick to high protein foods following your surgery as these contain the essential amino acids your body will require to repair the trauma caused by the duodenal switch surgery.

Eventually you will most likely be able to eat full meals with your friends and family but remember that you will always have to watch what you eat as you will most likely suffer from nutrient deficiency for the remainder of your life. By making sure you are eating right though, the need for supplements your entire life may not be necessary but it is important to monitor these closely as they could result in hospitalization.

The duodenal switch surgery should not be considered a miracle cure and although you will be able to return to regular eating without the worry of gaining back the weight excessively you will still have to watch what you eat to ensure that you are getting the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to survive.

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