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Does Mesotherapy Work

If you are considering undergoing a mesotherapy treatment than there is no doubt that you have had to listen and read about the entire media ruckus surrounding the procedure and have asked yourself as well as others does mesotherapy work. Well for starters mesotherapy is not a fly by night fad that is here one day and gone the next. As a matter of fact the mesotherapy treatment was actually developed by a French physicist back in 1952 and it is still here doing what it was designed to do. This treatment can be done by dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and even nurse practitioners since all it has to deal with is the injection of medicines into the mesoderm or middle layer of skin.

In the mesotherapy treatment the professional will inject traditional and homeopathic medicines into the mesoderm layer of skin which in turn will help to rejuvenate the skin as well as dissolve the fat cells and cellulite in the treatment area. Furthermore it has also been claimed that mesotherapy can remedy stretch marks and hair loss as well but these claims have not been documented sufficiently enough.

Unfortunately when it comes to mesotherapy there have been very few studies over the years as to whether it really works or not and that most of the information comes by way of personal experiences and success stories in regards to the mesotherapy treatments.

Many plastic surgeons are now beginning to pick up this treatment as part of their normal clinic offerings which goes to say that the physicians themselves are willing to stand by the results offered by the mesotherapy treatments.

It is important though, that although this treatment is considered to be minimally invasive there is still the chance of risks, complications and side effects associated with the procedure. This is nothing new as just like any other procedure out there, there are bound to be certain risks and complications involved. Just make sure you ask as many questions so that you not only know about these risks but that you also understand them as they will be part of your decision as to whether or not you will make the ultimate decision to undergo the mesotherapy treatment.

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