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Does Insurance Cover Otoplasty

Otoplasty or ear job is generally done for cosmetic purposes. The external ear of a person may not come up to normal standards and may be large or sticking out. The ear lobes may be hanging or the folds of the ears may be convoluted and not good-looking. Some children are born with no so attractive ears. Some ears may be covered by hair but people would like to have a permanent solution and create good-looking ears. Most people with such problems go in for otoplasty or ear restructuring. Rarely is it for problem solving.

Insurance agencies only cover medical problem expenses. But otoplasty does not come under this heading. Plastic surgery is normally done for cosmetic reasons and not for health ones and as such, otoplasty expenses may not be covered by insurance. Some insurance carriers may consider covering otoplasty procedures if it can be proved that the method was done to correct a deformity or a congenital abnormality. The patient should consult and discus with the insurance carrier about the surgical procedure of otoplasty to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings and for the person to know exactly what the company will cover. If the operating surgeon writes a letter to the carrier and explains the procedure and why it was done, and explains the patient’s case, it may help.

Some insurance companies do cover ear surgery but it is always better to check with them first before undergoing the surgery. If the otoplasty undergone comes under the heading of repairing abnormal body structure, then may be the insurance carrier will finance the operation. But is should first be verified. However many plastic surgery procedures can be financed by others.

There are institutions which finance such operations. Otherwise the surgeon himself may have some information and some way to finance the procedure. Payment by installments is also an option. Since otoplasty is a procedure, which is done only once, as the results are always very good, it is not difficult for a person to save and collect the money before going in for the operation.

There are many types of otoplasty. The regular surgical one may be expensive but other newer methods available. The otoplasty stitch method needs only one stitch and the whole procedure is based on this one stitch. There is no need for bandages, medicines, sutures and the like. This may be a better operation than a normal one and probably will cost lesser.

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