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Does Insurance Cover Laser Skin Resurfacing

Unfortunately much like any other cosmetic procedure the average insurance company will not cover the costs associated with a laser skin resurfacing treatment. Furthermore just like many procedures out there in the cosmetic field the insurance companies may cover the cost of a laser skin resurfacing procedure if it qualifies as “reconstructive”. But the bad point is that you should not build yourself up for disappointment because proving that the laser skin resurfacing will remedy a serious medical health related issue is more difficult than any other cosmetic procedure. One exception to this rule is that in the event that it has been determined that you have pre-cancerous growths of skin cancer then in most cases the insurance company will cover the procedure in full. Make sure you have a physician write this in a letter of recommendation for your insurance company as a means of expediting the request.

If in the event that you are not covered by your insurance company to undergo a laser skin resurfacing procedure but you still want to have one done, then you can pay in cash. Let’s face it though, if you want to see if your insurance company will cover the treatment than chances are that you do not have the cash and therefore you are left with the choice of financing the procedure. The good news is that there are a lot of lending institutions out there that have created specialized cosmetic procedure loans and in many cases you can readily find one for the coverage of your laser skin resurfacing treatment. You may even want to inquire with your cosmetic surgeon with regards to these financing options as many cosmetic professionals work out payment plans through these same various lenders. Chances are there is a payment plan that is right for you and is just waiting in the form of a brochure at your surgeon’s office.

Make sure you go over the basic costs as well as the hidden costs and the finance charges that may apply to your procedure prior to making the final decision to undergo a laser skin resurfacing because you do not want to get in over your head with the lender.

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