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Crescent Breast Lift

Mastopexy otherwise known as breast lift is the surgical procedure which is employed to lift the breast to attain a beautiful shape. It is meant for women who face such problems due to various reasons including aging, gravity, breast-feeding, pregnancy and lot more. Due to the loss of elasticity, it results in sagging and elongation which makes the breast to droop down giving an ugly look. With this, the normal size of the breast might also be highly affected. As the breasts begin to sag, they may also lose some of their size that they previously had. Because of this, the surgeon might ask you to do breast augmentation along with the breast lift procedure. It can be easily done with the same surgery at the same time which might ease up the work. Doing both these at the same time could result in breast lifting as well as improving the fullness of the breast with an added cleavage.

After reviewing your medical history, your surgeon will discuss the motivations, needs, concerns related to you and let you know about the need for plastic surgery. You get to see different factors which will help you to choose the right procedure suiting your requirements and the present condition faced by you. This would include the increase of sagging and other related properties. After proper examination, the surgeon would suggest steps for helping you achieve the shape and size that you wished for. Along with the added features, he will also let you know about the related draw backs.

A crescent breast lift is regarded as the best for those who have sagging breasts. A crescent shaped piece of the tissue just above the areola is removed. This corresponds to the area adjacent to the nipples which is dark colored. To reduce sagging or ptosis, the nipple is positioned upwardly whereby the skin is tightened with the help of cutting a piece which is crescent shaped from the excess skin

With this process, the areola top would be repositioned towards the upward direction by about 2 to 3 centimeters. This will allow the nipple movement to about 1 to 1.5 centimeters towards the top. This crescent shape is then closed by the surgeon who pulls the tissue upwards positioning it higher. This would result in providing a youthful appearance to the breast making it look appealing.

A minor lift is what the patients suffering from slight ptosis will be recommended. You need to be very careful after the surgery as the areola might become swollen and attain the shape of an egg. This could happen if your breast is heavy and if you wear an unsuitable bra. The swelling can be reduced to a greater extend by the use of a supportive bra which provides comfort. The edge of the areola hides the scar and the crescent lift procedure is performed with a breast implant.

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