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Cost of Fat Transfer

There are a lot of people opting for fat transfer procedure, otherwise known as Liposculpture, Liposhifting, and Lipofilling. This kind of cosmetic procedure uses a 100% natural material that comes from your body and injected to your other body parts. It uses your own body fat to sculpt your body giving you that nice and smooth contour. Your body parts that do not need the extra fat are the target areas where the fat is extracted from while your body parts needing that extra lift or extra volume will be the parts where the fat is injected.

This procedure is very safe since your own fat won’t be rejected by your body therefore avoiding any dangerous complications unlike when using artificially prepared enhancement materials implanted or injected into your body. The fat injected can be reabsorbed by your body a few months after the procedure. You can keep your look by undergoing several fat transfer treatments every time your body absorbs the fat.

So how much does this procedure exactly cost? There are a lot of factors to be considered when computing the total amount to be paid by the patient undergoing the fat transfer procedure. The first factor you should consider is the surgeon’s fee. The fee can range from cheap to costly, depending on the region of the surgeon as well as his level of experience where you’ll get your procedure done. You will be asked to pay for the surgical tray fee as well as the garment fee. Other factors included in the total cost of the procedure are anesthesia fee as well as the Anesthesiologist’s fee.

The operating room fee is also factored in the total cost of fat transfer. The fat harvesting fee is another component of the fat transfer cost. Any extra fat not injected to your body can be stored and frozen up to one year for use in other fat transfer treatments. Each fat injection comes with a price and each price will depend on the part of your body injected with the fat. For future treatments wherein fat extraction is no longer needed since your doctor will be using your frozen stored fat, the fee for fat extraction is no longer included in the total cost of the fat transfer procedure.

The typical cost of fat transfer would be ranging from $1,500 up to $6,000, with the average cost at $3,750. This cost will still depend on how many fat injections you’re going to have in a single procedure.

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