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Contour Thread Face Lift

There are many benefits to having a contour thread face lift as opposed to having a traditional surgical facelift. If you don’t have the time or want the expense that a traditional face lift entails, you may want to consider having a contour thread facelift.

What are the Differences between a Contour Face lift and Conventional Facelift?

The main difference between a contour thread face lift and a conventional surgical facelift is the anesthesia. With a thread face lift you will be administered a local anesthesia in the area to be worked on, whereas with a traditional facelift you will have to have general anesthesia or be sedated. There is much risk to going under anesthesia, so a contour thread facelift is a wonderful alternative for those with trepidation about going under for a traditional facelift.

Another advantage of having a contour thread facelift is the level of discomfort you will experience. With a conventional facelift you can expect to be in quite a bit of pain following the procedure and with a contour thread facelift you will not experience those high levels of discomfort.

A contour thread facelift also takes less time to perform than does a conventional facelift. A thread facelift usually takes about an hour to complete and a traditional facelift can last upwards of 1 ½ hours depending upon the amount of work to be done.

Another bonus to having a contour facelift is where the procedure is performed. Often you will have to only visit your doctor’s office to have a contour facelift done whereas with a conventional facelift you will have to undergo surgery in the operating room of a hospital.

Recovery time is much faster for those who have undergone a contour thread facelift rather than a surgical facelift. You will typically convalesce for about a week with a contour thread facelift and experience minimal discomfort. With a traditional facelift, recovery time can last for weeks and you will experience extensive swelling and bruising.

Those contemplating a contour thread facelift should know that there are usually less complications involved than in a surgical facelift procedure. The cost is far less than a conventional facelift as well.

The Contour Thread Facelift Procedure

A contour thread facelift begins with the surgeon marking the position where the thread is to go. The area is then numbed with a local anesthetic. The surgeon places the threads where he has marked and then he positions the skin over the cogs of the stitch that is barbed.

There have been rare cases where the contour thread facelift has required the removal of the thread. Before you embark on finding a surgeon to perform this procedure on you, do the proper research to ensure that you are a good candidate for a contour thread face lift. Any facial procedure you may have might put you at risk for serious complications and it is better to be armed with all the possibilities before you allow any work to be done on such a vital area of your body; your face.

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