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Collagen Products

There is a plethora of collagen products currently available on the market today which can range from injectible to creams and orally taken collagen supplements. Collagen is the most abundant and robust biomaterial available in the bodies of mammal and vertebrates. This collagen protein has been used for ages and can be traced back as far as the Egyptian period. Collagen is available in 13 different forms of which only 3 are specified for epidermal use. The collagen protein is composed of long chains of amino acids which creates a fibrous pattern and when these strands are bundled together the formation of soft tissue occurs. It is in this form that the 13 distinct forms are made visible as each type of distribution and orientation reflects a different one of the 13 collagen protein forms.

Collage being one of the most abundant protein resources in the human body gives our bones strength, our skin elasticity and even holds our tendons together as well as plays a vital role in the formation of scar tissue after an injury. Type 1 collagen is the most abundant and is extracted from cows thus the name bovine collagen which is used most commonly as a filler in the cosmetic surgery profession. As far as the collagen creams go, they may not help prevent the aging of our skin but they can speed up the recovery process after an injury if you were use it on a raw cut or brush burn.

The products most commonly available comes from a variety of manufacturers like BioCore, Brennen, Coldplast Sween, DermaRite and Hartmann-Conco, Inc. These manufacturers bring you such collagen products like Skin Temp, BGC Matrix, WOUN'DRESS and even Prisma. Although the most commonly understood use for a collagen treatment is in the cosmetic surgery profession, many hospitals and surgeons may prescribe various collagen based ointments which have been proven to speed up the recovery and repair period of a surgery since it is basically supplementing the skin’s natural use of its own collagen to repair damaged skin.

It is important to talk to a physician to determine if you qualify and are not allergic to these treatments before making a final decision to use them. The last thing anyone wants to do is to use a collagen based ointment to help with their postoperative healing and it turns out that they are allergic to the bovine collagen found in many of these ointments. Thus causing a complication that is not normally associated with the procedure the patient is undergoing.

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