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Buttock Injections

Buttock injections are a part of the buttock enhancement or buttock enlargement procedure. Fat from other parts of the body is used for the buttock enhancement procedure. The surgeon will suck out the fat from the excess fat areas such as the abdomen, thighs and back through liposuction procedure. So while the buttocks are getting a definitive shape, other at areas are getting reduced at the same. This makes the overall shape of the body really good. Buttock implants on the other hand are used by many patients when they don’t have much fat in their body for buttock enhancement. Patients who use fat from their own body are more comfortable. Also the cells in the body multiply and there is no fear of rejection from a foreign body.

The procedure takes nearly two hours and is done under general anesthesia. The fat is taken from the donor sites. Usually patients are happy to get rid of the fat in other areas of their bodies. Also the patient must have adequate donor sites for the operation to take place. The amount of fat grafted for buttock enhancement depends on the goals of every individual. Depending on whether you want the butts of Calista Flockhart or Shakira, the fat will be grafted.

There is a 30% chance that the fat may be absorbed within 6-8 weeks after the enhancement procedure. Sometimes this can lead to a second grafting procedure. The patient must have enough deposits for a second grafting procedure also. Additionally bleeding, infection and asymmetry of the buttocks are possibilities that can be rectified with minor touch ups.

Butt enhancement costs can be quite expensive. They can range from $9000- $10,000 depending on the surgeon and the location where the surgery has to be performed. This procedure isn’t for the rich and the famous only. There are many financing options that are available for payment. Of course you can take secured or unsecured loans to make a payment.

Apart from buttock injections, a person can also opt for butt implants. Buttock implants are made to give shape to the buttock adding contour and tone. There are some inherent dangers that are associated with buttock implants. But all forms of surgery carry risks. Buttock implants unlike liposuction procedures are done under general anesthesia, which carries greater risk than local anesthesia. The recovery time or local is far less than general. Another problem is of anesthesia overdose that the surgeons want to avoid. The patients can also give feedback during the operation when they are administered local instead of general anesthesia.

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