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After Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is done on patients who want to improve the look of their eyes, either because they are not satisfied with the appearance, because there is excess fat, droopiness or bags under the eyes or wrinkles. Sometimes age, accident, birth defect or some trauma may make the person think of going in for blepharoplasty to rectify the problem.

An experienced and skilled surgeon should do the operation. The surgeon will make a suitable incision after administering anesthesia and then remove the excess fat or skin or give an extra fold to the eyelid. The incision will then be closed using absorbable sutures or removable stitches or even adhesive tape, and a bandage will cover the operated part of the eyes. The surgeon may apply a tiny sterile bandage immediately after the surgery. The eyes need not be covered. He may prescribe an ointment to prevent dryness of the eye area and eye drops to soothe the eyes.

Some swelling or bruising is normal after the eyelid surgery.  Cold compress can be applied to relieve the tenderness or the tension and if the head is kept elevated when lying down it will certainly enhance the healing and relive discomfort. If the discomfort is more, the surgeon will prescribe medications to relieve that. Care has to be taken that nothing hurts the eyelid and that the patient himself will not scratch the wound no matter how tempting it may be due to itchiness or a feeling to scratch the area.

For a week or so after blepharoplasty the eyes may feel sticky, dry or itchy. In such cases the eye area should be gently cleaned and eye drops may be recommended. The surgeon will tell which activities should be avoided and how to protect the eyelids from infection especially for the first few weeks after the surgery till the incisions have completely healed.  It would be better to have rest and remain indoors to prevent any dust or infection reaching the eyelid surgery area. Permanent stitches will be removed in three to five days while the self absorbing ones will be absorbed and dissolve on their own.

The results of the eyelid surgery: the swelling and the bruising will subside to reveal a smooth, better defined eyelid and surrounding region and give an alert and rejuvenated appearance to the eyes. This will boost self-confidence and the patient will take pride in their appearance.

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